How Can Marketing Gain an Edge with Machine Learning?

Machine learning is gradually creeping into the marketing sector where it is influencing businesses to gain an edge in marketing in a multitude of ways. The following are the four largest areas in marketing that have been transformed by machine learning:

  1. Enhanced Targeted Marketing

The use of machine learning greatly enhances digital marketers’ bid to increase precision in marketing. Computer programs can accurately analyze consumer behavior in various ways, thereby making it possible for marketers to know which content or product to recommend to customers. Intelligent machine learning programs can analyze a user’s browsing history and accurately come up with advertisements of interest to the potential customer. Machine learning, in this regard, takes into consideration users’ location, age, and gender among other customer-specific attributes.

  1. Enhancing Communication in Marketing

Business-to-customer communication is facilitated in various ways in the electronic age, including the use of emails, push notifications, and phone-based text messages among other channels. To enhance precision, businesses must know the precise channel of communication that will enhance successful conversion rates of customers. Machine learning and machine-aided marketing can determine which customers often use mobile phones to access business web pages, therefore recommending the use of push notifications or text-based marketing. The system can also recommend email marketing for customers who often access the web through laptops and desktop computers.

  1. Market Segmentation

Machine learning is capable of segmenting customers into different groups with a view to making it easy for marketers to reach out to them. To achieve this, computing programs analyze customers’ purchasing behaviors such as the kind of products the customer viewed and bought and among other specific attributes. This enables the program to segment customers into different groups following different patterns that are not-so-obvious to humans. This helps inform marketers of the specific approaches to use to win customers.

  1. Diagnosing Problems in Marketing

As businesses automate their marketing initiatives, machine learning comes in handy in helping to automatically diagnose potential problems and thereby recommend solutions. For example, email marketing enables businesses to send automated emails to specific customers for a potential increase in conversion rates. Machine learning automatically observes how customers respond to such emails. The automated programs may, for example, detect that the click-through and conversion rates are not coherent. This may lead to the possible diagnosis of an error in the link embedded within the email.

Marketing is significantly evolving in line with the various technological advancements made today. One of the cutting-edge tech tools and concepts at our disposal is machine learning where computers can make informed decisions through pattern recognition and predictions.