We recognize that every organization has unique needs, SavantX’s advanced analytics software toolkit makes industry-specific customization frictionless.


A perfect storm of cheap energy, aging plants, shifting politics, a retiring workforce and increasing regulatory complexity justify new thinking and cutting-edge technology to meet these challenges. SavantX has been powering nuclear search and discovery since its inception and was previously deployed in the industry with precursor search technologies. Proven as a solution, SavantX NUCLEAR offers plants with unparalleled search capabilities to gain actionable insight across all station functions.

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Healthcare, like many fields, faces a growing challenge of harnessing the vast amounts of exponentially expanding data. By using a data-driven approach through innovative data analytics, the healthcare industry is able to deliver preventive care better, enhance communication across the care continuum, and improve patient engagement. In medicine gaining rapid business intelligence insights saves lives.

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The military relies on information to make critical decisions, but many data-driven deployments fall short. Mission analytics delivered through SavantX allow for finding new insights through leveraging vast quantities of data, ultimately empowering decision makers. Military leaders of the future are consistently turning to big data analytics-based intelligence gathering and AI, SavantX provides military operations with the information they require, when they need it.

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Utilities are turning to advanced analytics platforms, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to become more data-driven. Power, oil, natural gas, and wind/solar utility providers are all leveraging analytics initiatives for finding siloed data and leveraging the data to make informed decisions, achieve cost savings, and gain a competitive advantage through digital transformation.

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