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Healthcare Analytics

The healthcare industry needs a dynamic tool that will search through unlimited data sources with ease. SavantX solutions can be tailored to solve healthcare’s most significant challenges. A Business Intelligence solution should provide the organization with flexibility, security, speed, and self-service. Let SavantX help you unlock the potential of data that resides in your systems, all to better patient interaction, streamline efficiencies and potentially save lives in the process.

Redefine Healthcare Analytics:

  • Disconnected systems abound leaving a lack of ease in finding the right data when it is critically needed allowing for an action-driven organization.
  • Do away with data silos and efficiently streamline operations.
  • Gain data-driven well-informed insights quickly and efficiently.

Recommended Services 

The SavantX Toolkit delivers a cutting-edge approach to aid healthcare facilities and professionals in improving operations and the quality of care.

SavantX PRO

The SavantX PRO platform brings the ‘consumer’ search experience to the enterprise by combining powerful patent-pending technologies to deliver a comprehensive one-stop solution. With secure enterprise deployment, SavantX PRO is deployable on site, cloud, or hybrid of the two.

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SavantX Rhythm

Automated scheduling employing deep learning and modeling through advanced analytics leverages existing databases to accurately model and optimize resources over time for scheduling and other functions. Deployed standalone, client-server, or from the cloud.

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"SavantX has built a productive 3D interactive user interface to navigate the underlying knowledge representation; users navigate the graph using a dynamic model that visualizes clustering of related terms/data. This interface affords the user a rich toolset used to select, sub-select, and compare data relationships through a 3D collapsible tree-like visualization of the most relevant terms, concepts, key phrases, and identifiers."

- Erick Brethenoux, Gartner Research and Advisory Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

"In Information Environment Advanced Analytics courses, SavantX helps students create predictive hypotheses in an operational scenario by enabling the visualization and discovery of relationships across disparate data sets. In iterative fashion, students query SavantX which renders rich hyper-dimensional depictions of linked nodes and embedded information. This feature promotes further analysis of connections and concepts from different perspectives and encourages students to ask questions they didn’t think of before."

- Thomas A. Drohan, Ph.D. Brig Gen, USAF (Ret) Director, International Center for Security and Leadership, JMark Services Inc.

SavantX allows healthcare providers to unlock and organize the complete picture of data that resides in systems allowing for better patient care through data and analytics. Healthcare operations are able to enjoy a modern platform with industry-leading technology to accelerate access to critical data enabling improved performance, finding previously undiscoverable information, and to better provide the best service possible to patients.

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