Quantum computers delivering change to intermodal freight transport

Experts in Quantum and Quantum-Hybrid Solutions to streamline logistics operations through patented technologies.

SavantX HONE is commercially implemented in one of the largest marine intermodal facilities in the United States. The HONE technology allows for unprecedented supply chain intelligence. Additionally, driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, the HONE Engine redirects and optimizes operations, ultimately accelerating the velocity of the supply chain.


SavantX aids logistics in:  

  • Increasing the capacity and velocity of cargo movement.
  • Produce more predictable cargo flows.
  • Gaining supply chain intelligence through patented quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies.

SavantX HONE

HONE (Hyper Optimization Nodal Efficiency) is a Quantum Powered AI Engine is a Pier 300 container terminal project at the Port of Los Angeles that has seen much success in increasing the capacity and velocity of cargo movement.

Proven Solutions


All of the SavantX service offerings are built to operate using Quantum Computing. Quantum computing isn’t the right solution for every problem, but for addressing the biggest and most challenging data problems, our capability to leverage quantum computing is a game-changing advantage. SavantX offers a fully integrated suite of augmented intelligence tools, combining data analytics, data visualization and data insights into one powerful, cloud-native toolkit. Harness the power of AI and quantum computing to visualize hidden patterns in your data and unleash unprecedented clarity and optimization of complex systems.

Pioneering Quantum Computing