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Current data analytics approaches fall short in providing extraction of meaningful data to make informed decisions and optimize operations. Modernization of data analysis calls for the leveraging of cutting-edge technology and SavantX’s lineage dates back to a variety of successful deployments within government agencies.

Find Insights in Data to Improve Military Intelligence

  • Legacy systems feature data that is separated and stored in different repositories, making finding anything impossible. SavantX is able to change this as the Advanced Analytics Toolkit offers powerful features not found in any other analytic technology.
  • As new data is loaded SavantX continuously refines it’s understanding as it is always thinking (without any supervision needed).
  • Gain access to a myriad of critical data points within seconds, not days, weeks, or months.

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The military must consistently stay one-step ahead in technology, and that’s where SavantX comes in.


Find the right information when you need it. Get ready to experience the search and discovery of your data like never before. SEEKER enables robust analytics from YOUR files/ documents in this easy-to-use consumer-grade search engine.

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Automated scheduling employing deep learning and modeling through advanced analytics leverages existing databases to accurately model and optimize resources over time for scheduling and other functions. Deployed standalone, client-server, or from the cloud.

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"In Information Environment Advanced Analytics courses, SavantX helps students create predictive hypotheses in an operational scenario by enabling the visualization and discovery of relationships across disparate data sets. In iterative fashion, students query SavantX which renders rich hyper-dimensional depictions of linked nodes and embedded information. This feature promotes further analysis of connections and concepts from different perspectives and encourages students to ask questions they didn’t think of before."

- Thomas A. Drohan, Ph.D. Brig Gen, USAF (Ret) Director, International Center for Security and Leadership, JMark Services Inc.

"SavantX has built a productive 3D interactive user interface to navigate the underlying knowledge representation; users navigate the graph using a dynamic model that visualizes clustering of related terms/data. This interface affords the user a rich toolset used to select, sub-select, and compare data relationships through a 3D collapsible tree-like visualization of the most relevant terms, concepts, key phrases, and identifiers."

- Erick Brethenoux, Gartner Research and Advisory Data Science and Artificial Intelligence


A single application built for tough real-world problems. SavantX is the only platform that discovers (and unlocks) hidden value in massive amounts of data.

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