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SavantX Delivers on The Nuclear Promise

Proven in the nuclear power industry, SavantX delivers an advanced data analytics toolkit that brings order and understanding to all types of data through smart search, data visualization, and augmented intelligence.  

SavantX aids nuclear power plants in:  

  • Providing a one-stop platform for ALL data to be ordered and understood.
  • Making all data easily retrievable, revealing relationships that point to safety and efficiency improvements, and significantly improving processes, not just automating processes.
  • Utilizing HYPERNAV, a 3-Dimensional data visualization tool to show hidden relationships. 
  • Delivering an auditable, streamlined approach to finding siloed data of every kind.



Nuclear power plants have one of the most important jobs; safely and cleanly powering America. Throughout multiple interactions and projects with leading nuclear power plants, SavantX has found that not only are they a vital part of powering communities, but they also are bound by finding data in a very time sensitive manner. The way nuclear power plants’ data is organized may have worked to some extent in the past, but with the increasing technological capabilities and speed of today, a future of change is needed. With a wide spectrum of data at power plants, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to search and find relevant information in a timely manner. Most often this process would take days, weeks, or even months to find and make an informed decision; this decision might not have included all the data available at the plant for lack of digital access to it. 

  • Turning tens of millions of records across many datasets into critical insights to maximize safety and efficiency.
  • Identifying how technology can help to deliver on the Nuclear Promise.
  • Distinguishing how knowledge management, transfer, and retention are capable through the use of cutting-edge technology.


Nuclear power plants needed a powerful, all-in-one solution that provided them with a way to bring order and understanding to all types of data through advanced analytics. SavantX is able to provide that through a Toolkit specifically for nuclear power plants by making the power plants’ data accessible and understandable through a variety of Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Language Processing, Augmented Intelligence, and Data Visualization cutting-edge technologies to create a complete platform providing access to the power plants’ data for speedy, accurate, and insightful information inquiries.

Nuclear power plants have a large volume of data file types such as JPEG, Word, PDF, Blueprints, Plain Text, Excel, Handwritten documents, and other files. The ability to search through all of these files to find specific terms and concepts only takes a matter of seconds to complete utilizing SavantX.

  • An easy-to-use User Experience (UX) utilizes natural language queries to return relevant results.
  • A state-of-the-art data visualization tool, HYPERNAV,allows users to interact with the data and gain much more relevant information than a run-of-the-mill search tool would allow for.  
  • The SavantX Platform ingests all station databases directly to include attachments. The attachments are processed to make them machine-readable. Image files are OCR’d. All data is then searchable residing in a single data store or corpus continually updated with the latest documents.


SavantX solves many of the challenges nuclear power plants face by making all station data computable, readable, and accessible through advanced analytics. The SavantX Toolkit also assists in aiding nuclear power plants to fulfill the goals outlined in Delivering on the Nuclear Promise – to strengthen the Industry’s commitment to excellence in safety and reliability while reducing operating costs by 30%.  

Nuclear power plants choose to work with SavantX because of the ability to make all data accessible for timely, but informed decision making while providing new insights. SavantX delivers on all fronts for nuclear power plants, and they are confident in using the SavantX Toolkit in everyday plant operations.

  • The SavantX Toolkit was optimized using nuclear power plant station data for the volume and variety of unstructured nuclear data with worker input and guidance using the tool to solve outage-related challenges. 
  • SavantX was built especially for the Nuclear Power Industry to deliver on the Nuclear Promise and will continue its promise in delivering a comprehensive, all-in-one solution to enable power plants to improve efficiency, save money, reduce risks, all while maximizing safety.  
  • The overarching goal behind the technology is to make ALL station data quickly findable… by bringing the “consumer” search experience to the Enterprise.


To search and understand the data quicker, as well as at higher levels, SavantX created a Data Visualization Tool to assist with this. The 3-Dimensional Navigator Tool, HYPERNAV, provides a visual look at the plant data to reveal hidden relationships within the data.

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