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Transforming Utilities through Advanced Analytics

The utility industry is ever-changing as sensors and devices are generating massive amounts of data every second and utility companies are challenged with finding a reliable analytics solution that can drive business value. Enter SavantX Advanced Analytics Toolkit. From monitoring the grid to predicting equipment failures, and more, SavantX supplies data-driven solutions that can incorporate data of any kind from virtually any source to help with energy forecasting, customer analytics, energy risk management, and a variety of other needs to find relationships that connect the data.

  • SavantX offers a straightforward approach for using the platform, with no training needed.
  • Produce operational results in days or weeks, not months or years.
  • Go from disconnected systems to a streamlined all-in-one-solution to find insights previously undiscoverable, updated in real-time data.

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SavantX PRO

The SavantX PRO platform brings the ‘consumer’ search experience to the enterprise by combining powerful patent-pending technologies to deliver a comprehensive one-stop solution. With secure enterprise deployment, SavantX PRO is deployable on site, cloud, or hybrid of the two.

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SavantX Blueprints

This advanced drawings module from the SavantX Toolkit fully supports SavantX PRO deployments by rendering engineering drawings and calculations searchable as a discrete or normal query. All relevant drawings are returned with preview thumbnails and highlighting for quickly determining relevancy.

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"SavantX has built a productive 3D interactive user interface to navigate the underlying knowledge representation; users navigate the graph using a dynamic model that visualizes clustering of related terms/data. This interface affords the user a rich toolset used to select, sub-select, and compare data relationships through a 3D collapsible tree-like visualization of the most relevant terms, concepts, key phrases, and identifiers."

- Erick Brethenoux, Gartner Research and Advisory Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

"If we had used the old way, it would have taken us days or weeks and we would not have seen hidden trends."

- Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant Senior Engineer


Explore the data with superhuman abilities. We can now plumb the depths of “Unknown Unknowns” – the things we don’t know we don’t know. Until SavantX, all search and analytics have relied upon traditional statistical approaches. 

Superpower You Say?

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