Build software applications with ease through SavantX API with industry leading technology.

May the API Be with You

For application development and delivery professionals, the patent-pending and proprietary SavantX technologies are now available to developers through a REST API. As APIs proliferate, SavantX API stands out in the crowd in allowing users to gain speed to development, connect more data, and increase agility (+ productivity).

  • Developers and business users are able to enjoy a multi-pronged API strategy approach.  
  • SavantX API is non-semantic and natural language processing (NLP). 
  • Create and develop API’s efficiently. 
  • Powered by SavantX patent-pending technology, unique Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) plus navigation set SavantX API apart. 
  • Designed with industry best practices for security, ease of use, and agility. 

Highlighted Features

SavantX API is well suited for any type of business application, from developer to enterprise use through an easy to use tool that is further enhanced with the HyDRA science. The SavantX API is a secure platform that allows clients a low cost, low risk, transaction-based pricing schema.

Machine Learning

SavantX’s Machine Learning is unique: Automated algorithms help SavantX continuously educate itself without ANY humans-in-the-loop. Vast volumes of nasty, unstructured data notched to SavantX’s algorithms perform across virtually all data formats and human-readable languages. 

No humans to train the system. No humans to keep the system current and accurate. Yet, still keeping the human-in-the-loop.  

  • No opinion of the significance of the relationship – completely unbiased search results. Humans assign the meaning of the relationship.  
  • World-class machine learning transforms data. 
  • Enjoy the seamless combination of man and machine. 
  • SavantX machine learning technologies are novel in the industry. 
  • Unsupervised machine intelligence rapidly returns previously undiscoverable results.

Find Hidden Relationships

By computing relationships in higher dimensions, SavantX can reveal 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th party relationships. This too is an automated process sans any training. Essentially it is an automated link analysis feature. Matching previously unconnected data, or deep linking, goes well beyond what is possible by even a trained analyst unconstrained by time and budget.

Gain data intelligence right at your fingertips through an advanced analytics platform.  

  • The Relationship Finder returns results that aren’t searched for, as it understands relationships within the data.  
  • Capture the ‘BIG’ picture and underlying relationships/connections. 
  • Move a slider to instantly view terms, relationships, strength of connections, and more. 
  • HYPERNAV enables an interactive, navigable window into the data – strongest signals are presented as clickable nodes to encourage further inspection of passages at term intersections.  
  • Key relationships are efficiently and objectively found and revealed.


Explore the data with superhuman abilities. We can now plumb the depths of “Unknown Unknowns” – the things we don’t know we don’t know. Until SavantX, all search and analytics have relied upon traditional statistical approaches. 

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