Built for projects of all sizes, SavantX BLUEPRINTS extends SavantX PRO Search + Discovery to drawings and calculations.

BLUEPRINT for the Future

What if you could issue a search query such as a part number and be returned a thumbnail of all locations on all drawings plus the drawing, plus all other instances the part number is referenced?  Each drawing is unique, and elements and notations are often placed at various angles, sizes and obfuscated by watermarks, etc. Making informational retrieval for engineers and other workers tedious, time-consuming and prone to errors. 

  • Straightforward and easy to use all relevant drawings are returned with highlighting to quickly determine relevancy with preview thumbnail images of all relevant drawings
  • Generate rich insights from blueprint data that were previously undiscoverable
  • SavantX AI makes partial or inaccurate descriptions or part numbers actionable
  • Powerful blueprint reader technology allows users to locate project information frictionlessly
  • This advanced drawings module from the SavantX Toolkit is complementary to SavantX PRO

Highlighted Features

Complex industrial sites such as a nuclear power plant has over 50,000 engineering drawings. WIthout BLUEPRINTS and SavantX PRO, the only way to search them is manually which often takes days, weeks or months depending on the project at hand. BLUEPRINTS makes all drawings searchable in seconds either discretely referencing only drawings, or broadly to include all data across all an enterprise’s databases.

Machine Learning

SavantX’s Machine Learning is unique: Automated algorithms help SavantX continuously educate itself without ANY humans-in-the-loop. Vast volumes of nasty, unstructured data notched to SavantX’s algorithms perform across virtually all data formats and human-readable languages. 

No humans to train the system. No humans to keep the system current and accurate. Yet, still keeping the human-in-the-loop.  

  • No opinion of the significance of the relationship – completely unbiased search results. Humans assign the meaning of the relationship.  
  • World-class machine learning transforms data. 
  • Enjoy the seamless combination of man and machine. 
  • SavantX machine learning technologies are novel in the industry. 
  • Unsupervised machine intelligence rapidly returns previously undiscoverable results.

Search + Discovery

SavantX brings the consumer search experience to the enterprise by making virtually all data searchable with ease. Going further even misspellings and abbreviations are learned and presented PLUS significant results with “different words, same meaning” that you would have otherwise missed, and more.  

Superpower You Say?

Learn how SavantX automatically untangles and presents important concepts and connections in data by processing in a Multi-Dimensional Universe.

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