STARLIGHT is a narrow cut of the SavantX Advanced Analytics Toolkit that presents a new take on spreadsheet data.

Take Spreadsheets up a Level

STARLIGHT allows a user to upload a CSV full of data and quickly find any and all patterns, relationships and trends in it.   We’ve all stared at spreadsheets wondering what we are missing. If only those columns and rows could yield their secrets. These secrets could be hidden relationships, trends or subtle patterns of any sort. STARLIGHT automatically finds and presents any and all patterns, relationships and trends in spreadsheet rich with data. This includes patterns hidden in dates, times, trends in numeric data, relationships in codes, text and numeric ranges. These relationships are computed and presented to the user in SavantX’s HYPERNAV UX. The user’s intent drives informed discovery through the tool’s strong visualization of signals and relationships.  

  • Upload any CSV file
  • Use the wizard to select data you are interested in
  • STARLIGHT computes and presents relationships in HYPERNAV
  • HYPERNAV’s 3D visualization makes discovery easy and fast
  • Subtle patterns in dates and times are automatically found and displayed along with their probability
  • STARLIGHT is available as a standalone, client/server, web, or cloud deployable App

Highlighted Features

STARLIGHT accepts CSVs with up to 10,000 rows and hundreds of columns. A user-friendly wizard guides the user to quickly find column of interest. Relationships can be visualized in 3D with the press of a button. Relationships can be computed to find latent patterns in higher dimensions up to 8D. Automatic clustering algorithms help the user discover new correlations.

Monte Carlo and parameter analysis algorithms are automatically applied when appropriate so users can tell not only the probability but also the impact of the pattern, relationship or trend.

Find Hidden Relationships

By computing relationships in higher dimensions, SavantX can reveal 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th party relationships. This too is an automated process sans any training. Essentially it is an automated link analysis feature. Matching previously unconnected data, or deep linking, goes well beyond what is possible by even a trained analyst unconstrained by time and budget.

Gain data intelligence right at your fingertips through an advanced analytics platform.  

  • The Relationship Finder returns results that aren’t searched for, as it understands relationships within the data.  
  • Capture the ‘BIG’ picture and underlying relationships/connections. 
  • Move a slider to instantly view terms, relationships, strength of connections, and more. 
  • HYPERNAV enables an interactive, navigable window into the data – strongest signals are presented as clickable nodes to encourage further inspection of passages at term intersections.  
  • Key relationships are efficiently and objectively found and revealed.

Search + Discovery

SavantX brings the consumer search experience to the enterprise by making virtually all data searchable with ease. Going further even misspellings and abbreviations are learned and presented PLUS significant results with “different words, same meaning” that you would have otherwise missed, and more.  

More About SavantX

Today’s most data-driven businesses need a one-stop solution for all of their data dilemmas, the SavantX Advanced Analytics Toolkit solves this. Click the link to preview a few of the features that make SavantX unique.

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