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What is SCAN?

SCAN is a free online tool that helps you quickly explore and analyze the content of YouTube videos. For each video, SCAN generates a searchable map of keywords with links to the exact clip where each word is mentioned. SCAN gives you an instant overview of a video’s topics, enabling you to save time and see how topics are connected, often in ways that are not obvious.


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  • Explore specific keywords and topics in YouTube videos
  • Discover relationships between topics
  • Click thru to exact clips in the video where key words are mentioned

SavantX Content App Nav (“SCAN”) is a search engine designed to demonstrate some of the capabilities of the SavantX API. SCAN was created by SavantX and is made available for free and is intended solely for non-commercial use for evaluation purposes only. SCAN uses publicly-accessible data provided by YouYube, but SavantX is neither affiliated with YouTube nor is SCAN an official service of YouTube.

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