SDA: Search, Discover, and Analyze

You’ve probably noticed if you have taken a look through the SavantX website that our tagline is “Search, Discover, and Analyze.” While this seems pretty straightforward and is something that nearly all of us do when we complete a simple Google search, with SavantX these three terms take on a completely different meaning and go deeper into the data than any other search solution. Here is the SavantX approach to Search, Discover, and Analyze.

Clients need to find their documents in three different search modes.

1. Needle in the haystack
2. Set of related documents: 3 to say 100
3. Analyze a large set of homogeneous passages

Searches can return very large data sets.
1. How to guide users to better search terms
2. How to summarize the contents of the return set
3. Quickly allow access to homogeneous subsets of the search returns

How to extract information from homogeneous passage sets.
1. Time plots
2. Trends
3. Spikes
4. Correlations

How Does SavantX Work?
SavantX can access millions of records across many datasets and returns results in just a few seconds. With a user-customizable dashboard that can be tailored to each customer’s needs, SavantX offers a powerful predictive analytics software solution that harnesses the power of all data types through its single data store/index. Rapidly produced results can be actively navigated to discover relationships and insights between data that would otherwise be completely missed.