STOP Choosing the Wrong Search Technologies

Mention technology to any leader within an organization and their mind almost automatically drifts to seeing dollar signs, experiencing headaches coupled with logistical nightmares, and time ticking by until the solution can be implemented.

It is not unusual for an organization’s culture to resist change. It is, after all, part of the human condition. Thankfully, there are ‘higher ups’ with a vision that their organization already has answers to problems faced every day – they just need the right technology.

SavantX offers a unique opportunity for an organization to be empowered through their data. We help cultures embrace change even though many may feel threatened in the organization by cutting edge technology, or perhaps just technology in general. It can be overwhelming for some: fear that they won’t be able to operate a complex new system, worries over their job becoming obsolete, anxiety over the technology not adequately addressing the organization’s need, and apprehension of investing valuable time and budget towards a new solution.

Facing Cultural Challenges
Overcoming key enterprise architectural changes and implementing new technology systems can be complicated. Cultural challenges of people resisting change abound and complicate additional technical and organizational challenges. Many organizations face a daunting task as higher level management are nearing retirement age. The fear is that the newer generation of the workforce will not train up and inevitably something will be missed in the transition as the torch is handed off to new management and other employees. Enabling knowledge transfer in a way that is seamless is every organization’s ultimate goal. However, legacy systems may prevent successful information transference. The goal is to break down the barrier in resisting change and embrace new technology that can make everyone’s lives (and jobs) much easier. IT may already feel overwhelmed, and add in cultural adoption barriers and an organization then has a lot to overcome in order to make a case for new technology.

What Can SavantX do for You?

If data can help your organization then finding a solution for data challenges should be a top priority. That’s where SavantX comes in. There is an irony of calling ourselves a search engine. Most organizations believe that they have a solid search engine solution in place and don’t need another one. It’s nearly impossible to find a single system that can address all of an organization’s challenges ranging from data, infrastructure and analytics. Until now… SavantX is able to provide value from massive amounts of data. We offer next-generation discovery (more than just search!) solutions for the energy industry and beyond. To learn more about what SavantX can do for your organization just visit