With over 75 percent of business investing in Big Data, machine learning and artificial intelligence are set to take off in the coming years. But, is this true or all just hype?

More and more companies are investing their IT budgets towards machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities and it’s clear why, as these technologies are taking off in massive proportions. Below are just a few of the many samples that we have seen of recent:

The Hype of the Self-Driving Car

The self-driving car seems to be the most heavily hyped application of machine learning and artificial intelligence, but is it giving the industries a bad name? These critical technologies may just be the way of the future, but they also have a lot of hype surrounding them.

Online Recommendations

Think Netflix or Amazon, these machine learning applications appear through online recommendations in our daily lives.

Fraud Detection

Due to the expansion of payment channels fraud is on the rise, and fraud detection services are in high demand within the banking and commerce industry. The use of machine learning allows automated fraud screening and detection as machines can process large data sets much faster than humans.

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