The team behind SavantX is pleased to announce that we will be presenting at the upcoming Wolfram Technology Conference 2015 held October 20th through 22nd in Champagne, Illinois. This conference is a must-attend for anyone that deals with Wolfram Technologies. We are excited to showcase how SavantX utilizes the power of Wolfram Technologies. The presentation will cover some of the science behind SavantX as well as a demo, brief history, use case, and performance characteristics (including the hardware and software architecture).

For those of you that like “Geek Speak” here are the full details of why SavantX AI cracks the code of human communication – making us ‘computable.’

SavantX is a weak AI system that specializes in helping users Search, Discover and Analyze very large sets of textual data. SavantX is not semantically based, but rather views human-generated text as a type of encoded sensor output. It is currently in use at a large energy power plant where it applies its generalized relationship analysis capabilities towards the safe and efficient operation of the plant. SavantX uses custom algorithms for its massively parallel computation workflow. It’s almost entirely Mathematica-based and can readily assimilate large amounts of human-generated text as found in files and databases of any type: TXT, PDF, XLS, DOC, BAK, SQL, etc.  It will also automatically convert OCR images to text.

SavantX is a WL package that is isometric in nature: all Wolfram kernels run the same Mathematica code. All configuring themselves to the highest priority task at hand and using continuous and discrete manufacturing methods. All this allows the application of AI science to many aspects of its tasks including Classify, Predict, etc.

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