In an incredibly complex environment, we need to easily connect the data and find what is needed to help business knowledge. SavantX is able to unlock a vast number of capabilities that other software and services are unable to do. So many solutions promise the moon and upon implementation, it underwhelms the organization.

Overcoming the Barriers
Due to technical limitations it has actually limited how organizations are able to implement data solutions within their industry. Many barriers exist varying from IT professionals adapting to the idea of applying new technology to other technical limitations.

We realize that customers want to be in control of their data. It takes trust and forethought to engage with a solution. SavantX is able to create customized experiences that can fit nearly any organization’s needs.

When looking at different search technologies, ask yourself three questions:
1) How can this technology further the organization?
2) What are the goals that you have in implementing a new technology?
3) Are the costs and time associated with the search technology worth it?

You have a gap in your organization, and you have given up on ever finding a technology that will fill it. You’ve given up on the idea of ever being able to find your data quickly.

Data chaos is a real problem within almost every organization.

Nothing to see here. Nothing to research since we are finding everything. That is until we type in ‘valve system error’ and we see that it returns 25,623 results! How do you ever plan on narrowing down that massive search result list? Let’s bust the myth that all of an organization’s search challenges are solved.

The Data Genie

So many think that they can just purchase an ‘analytics out of the box solution’ and all data problems will immediately be solved. Many solutions fall short in addressing all data challenges. Sure solving semi-structured or structured data challenges can be significant. But what about unstructured data? What if one solution could address all three data challenges (think unstructured, semi-structured and structured data)? Business and technology innovation continue to evolve, but many search solutions never do.

Actionable information is critical to any infrastructure. Enterprises can experience a transformation in the way that they can find data and use it to their advantage.

Nearly every organization has high expectations for using their data, but the hard truth is that many never even make a dent in using all of the data that has been accumulated over the years, let alone have a plan for what to do with future data. It may be time to champion the shift and attempt to keep up with the ever-growing amount of data that the organization is accumulating on a daily basis. SavantX is a Discovery and Insight Platform that uses proprietary technologies to drive search capabilities. By utilizing flexible architecture, SavantX can be scaled to fit any individual organization’s needs.

You can keep using the wrong solutions and missing out on critical information that is unable to be found. Or you can reduce operational costs by securely analyzing, monitoring and controlling data within your organization with the power of SavantX technology. Implementing a search platform shouldn’t be complicated, let us make it simple.

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The nuclear energy industry landscape is changing. With Tennessee Valley Authority’s Watts Bar 2 nuclear power plant coming online it marks the first new power plant to come online in many years. Yet, many headwinds are also ahead for the nuclear industry. Industry safety and performance are at the forefront of the changes to come. As existing reactors provide over 60 percent of the zero-carbon electricity in the United States, some reactors remain on the hotlist for a premature shutdown. Of the 99 commercial reactors in the U.S., 15 to 20 could face an early closing in the coming years.

The Nuclear Promise
The nuclear energy industry’s initiative “Delivering the Nuclear Promise: Advancing Safety, Reliability and Economic Performance” is a 3-year program that has been implemented to improve efficiency and further advance the nuclear power industry. One of the driving forces for the creation of this initiative is the need to keep nuclear power pricing competitive within the energy market. As anyone in the nuclear energy industry knows, keeping on track with industry regulations is a significant factor within operations.

There are three strategic focus areas within the delivery of the Nuclear Promise:
1) Maintain operational focus
2) Increase value
3) Improve efficiency

Programs are being redesigned across the board to help better control costs and improve operational efficiency and effectiveness. By 2018, nuclear power plants currently operating in the United States should see a considerable reduction in overall operating expenses. Additionally, the reliability and plant safety should also experience many advances. An industrywide average for a reduction in electric generating costs has been projected to result in a 15 percent reduction by January 2017 and a 30 percent reduction by January 2018.

Among the heart of the Nuclear Promise is to leverage technology and this is where SavantX comes in. The innovative tools and capabilities that SavantX offers the nuclear industry are unparalleled. Successful implementation of SavantX within the nuclear energy industry has already taken place with customers already seeing marked performance improvement challenges being overcome.

With nuclear power being responsible for 14 percent of all electricity generated worldwide it holds much promise as primary energy supply option. SavantX is here to help deliver on the promise of more efficient (and compliant) nuclear power plants across the country.


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