We are proud to introduce not only the SavantX technology but also the launch of the new SavantX website. SavantX offers Patent Pending Artificial Intelligence that reads unstructured, semi-structured and structured data. In any language and any format.

Predictive Analytics Addressing the Problems

Most organizations are up against a substantial challenge, keeping track of data coming in from multiple sources with no easy way to find information. Data is growing exponentially, and technology has had a difficult time keeping up with being able to address the data challenges that many organizations face. That is until now. SavantX is the solution that organizations have been searching for (no pun intended).

Whether it’s a nuclear power generation company that needs a predictive analytics solution to increase equipment performance and reliability or address compliance issues – or an organization that is looking to find groundbreaking predictive business performance metrics, SavantX delivers.

Information is the lifeblood of any organization, but one needs to turn data into information by being able to find what you’re looking for plus seeing relationships and concepts emerge. This begins the process of turning data into information. Information upon which informed decisions are made. SavantX thrives on data…the more data the better the insights.

Our unique technology platform offers sophisticated analysis. This is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Rather, SavantX is tailored to each individual client’s needs and can find information and correlations never before seen.


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All too often organizations have the problem of data overload. By this, we mean that they have massive amounts of data with no real way to sort, organize, and find specific information that they are looking for.

Take for example a nuclear power plant.

The most commonly found statements when it comes to this type of organizational data are:

  • I can’t find anything.
  • How did we fix this the last time?
  • Why did this happen?
  • I wish I could predict…
  • What’s the relationship between X and Y?

Human generated data is responsible for compiling massive amounts of data within an organization. Say that the company has 1,500 workers and operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. On average the company accumulates 1,000+ pages a day and the information is put into multiple databases.

This is a common scenario that SavantX sees. The good news is that no matter what type of source (PDF, Word Doc, Excel, Telemetry, SQL database, image files, etc.) they can all be read and searched by SavantX.

Leadership within many organizations have given up on the idea that they can ever find a solution to address their data challenges. But the hard truth is that there is a solution. It’s called SavantX.

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Position: Programmer & Web Developer

SavantX is looking to add an experienced web developer to our team. Savant is deployed to the end-user via web browser which makes this position a critical one. Qualified candidates for this position will have a sense of creativity that matches their technical proficiency. User experience, user interface, access, delivery speeds and security control will be some of the areas you help to bring optimization to. Savant currently has a web interface hosted by Microsoft IIS but will be transiting to Ubuntu and running Apache Tomcat.


• Design and implement a web interface for our product
• Develop and maintain a clean and efficient web code-base
• Collaborate with our programmers, artists, and clients to optimize the presentation (and experience) of Savant

• 2+ years of real-world web application development
• Highly motivated with excellent communication skills
• Extensive experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and/or other languages; Angular and Bootstrap a big plus
• Extensive experience with Tomcat
• Mongo DB, CUDA-C, JAVA, Linux/Ubuntu experience desirable
• Programming experience in Mathematica desirable

Position Type:
Full-time on site preferred (San Luis Obispo)
Compensation: Based on Experience

Who We Are:
SavantX, Inc. is focused on solving real-world problems through our enterprise level Discovery Analytics software. SavantX separates itself from other predicative analytics by solving problems in higher dimensional space using our custom built Artificial Intelligence. Current application of the technology includes helping the nuclear energy market solve their intractable problem of turning millions of records across many datasets into critical insights to increase safety and efficiency.

How to Apply:
Submit your current resume as well as a link to a portfolio of any websites or work you’ve done on the Contact page of SavantX.com.

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