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Harness the power of AI and quantum computing to visualize hidden patterns in your data and unleash unprecedented clarity and optimization of complex systems.


See how our integrated toolkit solves nearly impossible real-world data problems using augmented intelligence.

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HYPERNAV Technology

Through our patented algorithm, HYPERNAV data visualization renders 6D data analysis in 3D, enabling hidden relationships to become actionable.


Machine Learning

SavantX’s Machine Learning is unique: Automated algorithms help SavantX continuously educate itself without ANY humans-in-the-loop. Vast volumes of nasty, unstructured data notched to SavantX’s algorithms perform across virtually all data formats and human-readable languages. 

No humans to train the system. No humans to keep the system current and accurate. Yet, still keeping the human-in-the-loop.  

  • No opinion of the significance of the relationship – completely unbiased search results. Humans assign the meaning of the relationship.  
  • World-class machine learning transforms data. 
  • Enjoy the seamless combination of man and machine. 
  • SavantX machine learning technologies are novel in the industry. 
  • Unsupervised machine intelligence rapidly returns previously undiscoverable results.

User Experience (UX)

Powerful data visualization and AI filtering leverage the user’s intelligence and domain knowledge by encouraging informed discovery. Visual insights into the data allow the user to find meaning and context within the data, all the while providing a navigable view into the data.  

The patent-pending AI Navigator (HYPERNAV) allows for the user to interrogate what SavantX knows. This interactive approach allows for text and visual data analysis through a variety of filters.  

  • Dynamic visuals enable the user to understand the data better and gain more profound meaning. 
  • SavantX recalls data that even a trained analyst would miss, thus making connections across multiple dimensions and cases.  
  • Identify relationships within higher dimensions. 
  • Find patterns and connections within the data- all previously undiscoverable. 
  • Delivers an advanced user experience allowing the user to find the needle in the digital haystack.

Search + Discovery

SavantX brings the consumer search experience to the enterprise by making virtually all data searchable with ease. Going further even misspellings and abbreviations are learned and presented PLUS significant results with “different words, same meaning” that you would have otherwise missed, and more.  

Security + Access

With total data accessibility comes both data in flight and at rest security requirements and the responsibility of permissioning user access. SavantX PRO offers a host of security and user access options from RBAC to custom security models.

The ingest and access of your data is secured to the highest standards. Making all your data safe and accessible, to the right people. 

  • Autonomous data ingest is through a secure API with read-only access to your databases
  • SavantX PRO’s DSU ingest module intelligently accesses database parameters such as key fields so that additions of new databases are fast, easy and secure 
  • OnceSavantX PRO understands and adds a database, frequency of update is selected and new data flows to SavantX frictionlessly 
  • Persistent ingesting of new data keeps results evergreen
  • Permanently deleted documents in a source database are seamlessly located and removed from allSavantX PRO files 
  • Existing permissioning schemas can easily be enforced in SavantX PRO

Data Gathering

SavantX is an evergreen solution as at any time that new data is added the results will always be fresh because all of the science is conducted at the time of search allowing for powerful data gathering and visualization.  

The rapid time-to-insight allows for results and further analysis, thus ultimately enabling quick decisions to be made.  

  • Fast & Accurate: Quickly brings order and understanding to data. 
  • No need to prep data. Save time and money by finding results quicker (many of which were previously undiscoverable). 
  • The SavantX platform is self-healing and autonomous in its learning and adapting to new data without dedicated personnel keeping the platform operational and current with the latest data. 
  • New data can be added at any time, and the results will always be fresh because all science is conducted at the time of a search, making it evergreen.  
  • Advanced data visualization capabilities change the way organizations look at data- find what was previously undiscoverable.

Find Hidden Relationships

By computing relationships in higher dimensions, SavantX can reveal 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th party relationships. This too is an automated process sans any training. Essentially it is an automated link analysis feature. Matching previously unconnected data, or deep linking, goes well beyond what is possible by even a trained analyst unconstrained by time and budget.

Gain data intelligence right at your fingertips through an advanced analytics platform.  

  • The Relationship Finder returns results that aren’t searched for, as it understands relationships within the data.  
  • Capture the ‘BIG’ picture and underlying relationships/connections. 
  • Move a slider to instantly view terms, relationships, strength of connections, and more. 
  • HYPERNAV enables an interactive, navigable window into the data – strongest signals are presented as clickable nodes to encourage further inspection of passages at term intersections.  
  • Key relationships are efficiently and objectively found and revealed.

Quantum Computing

SavantX is one of the first organizations in the world to leverage the enormous power of quantum computing to solve commercial applications. Quantum computing isn’t the right solution for every problem, but for addressing the biggest and most challenging data problems, our capability to leverage quantum computing is a game-changing advantage.

A single application built for tough real-world problems. SavantX is the only platform that discovers (and unlocks) hidden value in massive amounts of data.

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HYPERNAV solves the problem of conveying relationship-rich results computed in 6 Dimensions back to our 3 Spatial Dimensions.

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Patent Overview

The mission of SavantX is to provide proprietary and patented Quantum Computing ML / data visualization. Our Quantum enabled ML solutions minimize inherent human biases in model training and output more accurate models. We are able to do this + more through a portfolio of patented and proprietary advanced analytics and quantum technologies.

Patent Summaries

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