Understanding the Potential for AI

The study of artificial intelligence is advancing far more quickly than most other areas of computing. AI is already much more common in business than most people suspect, and it is only going to get more common as the programs improve. AI even has the potential to take over customer service within a few years! That means that it is vital for everyone with interest in business to understand where the field is going so they can plan for the future.

Basic Customer Service

Many of the businesses that are making use of AI are using it in a customer service role. It is relatively easy to produce an AI that can recognize common questions and provide a programmed answer to them. Artificial Intelligence also excels at basic clerical work, such as making appointments, since it only needs to collect information from an individual and put it into a form. AI can even be programmed to contact a human employee if it can’t recognize an input from the user. That makes the power of AI an ideal choice for a basic customer service role. It is often expensive to hire enough human personnel to handle those jobs at a large business, which makes an AI solution very appealing to decision makers.

Predictive Techniques

Businesses already use AI to process data. AI tends to be better at it than humans because the technology can process a vast number of data points far more quickly than a human can read through them. Humans also struggle with the complexity of dealing with that many reports, but computers just need a little more processing power to get the job done.

It is likely that programmers will adapt those techniques and turn them into powerful predictive tools more and more. After all, computers are already fairly good at looking at data to figure out trends. Predicting the future is a matter of extending those trends into the future. It will not be a perfect system, but humans also have trouble getting things perfectly accurate too.

New Roles

Nearly every industry is investigating the potential of AI, and most of them are making progress. It is likely that AI systems will start to spread out more in the next few years. They will start in a supporting role for human workers, but they will take on more and more tasks as the programmers have a chance to observe them and tweak the programs.