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SavantX is one of the first organizations in the world to leverage the enormous power of quantum computing to solve commercial applications with significant cost savings and efficiency gains.

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SavantX helps companies achieve new levels of productivity and innovation by harnessing the power of augmented intelligence and quantum computing to solve the impossible.

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Quantum AI Optimization Engine

The SavantX HONE (Hyper-Optimized Nodal Efficiency) engine applies cutting edge optimization and quantum fielded technology.



By harnessing technologies like quantum computing and augmented intelligence, SavantX enables entirely new levels of clarity and interaction with your data, transforming it into a powerful engine for growth and optimization.

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"Tackling large-scale optimization problems has always been a priority issue in the supply chain space – and will continue to be. That's why we're excited to see more and more forward-thinking organizations start to leverage the power of quantum computing to identify and solve complex supply chain and logistics issues efficiently. We're proud to be the quantum provider behind SavantX’s work as they harness quantum computing to optimize operations, increase productivity, and enhance risk management."

- Jen Houston, CMO, D-Wave

"The team used a program from SavantX called HONE (Hyper Optimizational Nodal Efficiency) that utilized optimization algorithms on the D-Wave quantum annealer and they are now reporting improvements ranging from 30% to 60% depending upon which metric. These improvements are worth millions of dollars."

- Quantum Computing Report

"HONE runs continuously to optimize crane movement, decide which trucks are called into the terminal and when, and set upcoming truck schedules. With HONE, truck drivers use an app that directs them to the right container based on a crane’s current location, reducing crane movement while increasing crane productivity. The result is a reduction of wait time for truckers, and increased movement of containers out of the port. Deliveries per day per crane went from 60 to 97 following HONE implementation, a 62% increase in productivity."

- Supply Chain Brain

About Us

About Us

SavantX applies Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and quantum computing to large and complex datasets to find valuable hidden relationships, solve complex optimization problems, and improve organizational performance.


SavantX’s lineage includes open source intelligence gathering tools for the Defense Intelligence Agency. The development of the SavantX Toolkit to what it is today spans a number of years across numerous successful pilots within a variety of industrial applications.



The mission of SavantX is to provide proprietary and patented Quantum Computing ML / data visualization. Our Quantum enabled ML solutions minimize inherent human biases in model training and output more accurate models.



SavantX is looking for exceptional people to join our team to help make data more accessible and understandable. We are currently searching for driven mathematicians, innovative software engineers, and bright interns. We are self-funded and motivated to do, not just think.


Award-Winning Technology

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Whitepaper: An Analysis of Efficiency Gains at Pier 300: Port of Los Angeles

Since July 2019, Fenix Marine Services, the operator of Pier 300, has teamed up with SavantX, to improve the efficiency at the terminal. The technology implemented at Pier 300 by SavantX is known as The HONE (Hyper Optimized Nodal Efficiency) Engine, which uses proprietary data science and quantum computing to present real-time optimized solutions for use at the port.

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Quantum Computing Report: Quantum Lessons Learned at the Port of Los Angeles

As people look at various problems where quantum might be used, it is imperative to work with the subject matter experts and figure out how quantum fits into the entire system to get the results desired from utilizing quantum technology.

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D-Wave Qubits 2023 Conference Presentation Optimizing Logistics with Quantum: Supply Chain Issues Solved: SavantX

SavantX leverages the D-Wave quantum computer repeatedly in transportation applications in real-time. Hear about lessons learned in applying quantum solutions to a real-world application and how quantum compares to the classical approach.

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