SavantX makes all of your data accessible for informed decision making

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Superhuman Data Exploration

Learn how SavantX automatically untangles and presents important concepts and connections in data by processing in a Multi-Dimensional Universe.



SavantX is the first technology to connect data analytics with complex mathematics in many dimensions. Powerful patent-pending artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing technologies combine to make up the SavantX Toolkit.

Technology Brief


SavantX delivers an Advanced Data Analytics Toolkit that unifies the search experience to make data easily accessible and understandable through powerful augmented intelligence and data visualization.

Machine Learning

Automated algorithms help SavantX continuously educate itself without ANY humans-in-the-loop. These self-learning algorithms perform across virtually all data formats and human-readable languages.

User Experience (UX)

Flexible advanced analytics and data visualization capabilities across data types allow users with different intents to leverage and navigate the underlying knowledge representation from their own understanding of the data.

Search + Discovery

This advanced Search + Discovery tool has been designed and developed to find unstructured, structured, and semi-structured data. SavantX looks across a variety of languages, document types, and images.  

Data Gathering

SavantX is continuously adapting to new data without dedicated personnel keeping the platform operational. Automated data ingestion is the first step to bringing order and understanding to virtually any data type in a fast, reliable, and accurate manner.

Find Hidden Relationships

SavantX deployments continually refine and deepen their understanding of relationships across the data, always growing smarter. This higher dimensional understanding reveals complex, hidden relationships that can often to point to causality.

Security + Access

The ingest and access of your data is secured to the highest standards. Making all your data safe and accessible, to the right people.


We believe that data should be easily accessible, so SavantX brings powerful search that’s continuously thinking and returns rapid results to the enterprise and beyond. The SavantX Toolkit is a robust and customizable solution that can be tailored to any industry and deployable anywhere.

The SavantX PRO platform brings the ‘consumer’ search experience to the enterprise by combining powerful patent-pending technologies to deliver a comprehensive one-stop solution. With secure enterprise deployment, SavantX PRO is deployable on site, cloud, or hybrid of the two.

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This advanced drawings module from the SavantX Toolkit fully supports SavantX PRO deployments by rendering engineering drawings and calculations searchable as a discrete or normal query. All relevant drawings are returned with preview thumbnails and highlighting for quickly determining relevancy.

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Patent pending SavantX technology is available for developers, so they can make their Apps smarter. The SavantX API portion of the Toolkit provides a non-semantic, natural language processing approach to typical Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) challenges.

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Automated scheduling employing deep learning and modeling through advanced analytics leverages existing databases to accurately model and optimize resources over time for scheduling and other functions. Deployed standalone, client-server, or from the cloud.

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STARLIGHT makes spreadsheet data accessible and understandable by reporting the strongest signals and relationships through an interactively navigable 3D graphical user interface. Available as a standalone, client/server, web, or cloud deployable app.

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"SavantX has built a productive 3D interactive user interface to navigate the underlying knowledge representation; users navigate the graph using a dynamic model that visualizes clustering of related terms/data. This interface affords the user a rich toolset used to select, sub-select, and compare data relationships through a 3D collapsible tree-like visualization of the most relevant terms, concepts, key phrases, and identifiers."

- Erick Brethenoux, Gartner Research and Advisory Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

"If we had used the old way, it would have taken us days or weeks and we would not have seen hidden trends."

- Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant Senior Engineer

"In Information Environment Advanced Analytics courses, SavantX helps students create predictive hypotheses in an operational scenario by enabling the visualization and discovery of relationships across disparate data sets. In iterative fashion, students query SavantX which renders rich hyper-dimensional depictions of linked nodes and embedded information. This feature promotes further analysis of connections and concepts from different perspectives and encourages students to ask questions they didn’t think of before."

- Thomas A. Drohan, Ph.D. Brig Gen, USAF (Ret) Director, International Center for Security and Leadership, JMark Services Inc.

About Us

About Us

We wanted to unlock the potential from data within an organization, so the SavantX geeks set out to transform the way organizations can search data. All too often, a data search is limited by the type, skill of the person searching, and many other factors. We set out to change that. Now, regardless of skill, anyone can search all types of data to extract real meaning from data.

SavantX is an augmented intelligence tool that ALWAYS keeps the human in the loop. Users don’t need to be a data scientist to use this innovative Advanced Data Analytics Toolkit. If you know how to use Google and Amazon, you are qualified.


SavantX’s lineage includes open source intelligence gathering tools for the Defense Intelligence Agency. The development of the SavantX Toolkit to what it is today spans a number of years across numerous successful pilots within a variety of industrial applications.



The mission of SavantX is to make data accessible and understandable through smart search, augmented intelligence, and data visualization. Established in 2015, SavantX was born with solving one problem in mind: Bringing the “consumer” search experience to the enterprise.



SavantX is looking for exceptional people to join our team to help make data more accessible and understandable. We are currently searching for driven mathematicians, innovative software engineers, and bright interns. We are self-funded and motivated to do, not just think.


Innovation & Accolades

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A 2018 Gartner Cool Vendor for Speech and Natural Language

Gartner: “Technology product managers must exploit recent advances in speech and natural language as they continue to reshape interactions and intelligence across interface design, content development and analytics.”

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Intelligence for Quantum Age Learning: Data Visualization & Inquiry of the Information Environment

An effective way to develop intelligence for learning in complex environments combines Socratic questioning, predictive analytics, and data visualization.

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SavantX STARLIGHT is selected for the Challenge Showcase at AFWERX 2019. The AFWERX Fusion Xperience is in collaboration with the United States Air Force. Over 300 applicants applied, with only 120 teams selected to present their solutions.

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