Relentless curiosity, fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit and rigorous, practical approach toward solving the world’s most challenging data problems through Quantum Computing and other ground-breaking patented technologies.

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The SavantX team has been solving real world problems for business and government, including three-letter government agencies such as the US Department of Defense and the commercial nuclear power sector. SavantX offers a powerful all-in-one tool for advanced analytics, data visualization, machine learning, and AI-powered insights across multiple dimensions. Most recently, SavantX (working with P5 and FMS) created one of the first practical commercial applications leveraging quantum computing.

Established in 2015, SavantX is a team of data scientists, engineers, and visionaries based in Jackson, WY with a research center in Santa Fe, NM, with a mission to make data accessible and understandable through quantum computing, smart search, augmented intelligence, machine learning and data visualization. SavantX is driven by relentless curiosity, an entrepreneurial spirit and a rigorous, practical approach toward solving the world’s most challenging data problems via quantum computing and other ground-breaking patented technologies.


Established in 2015, SavantX was born with one problem in mind: Bringing the “consumer” search experience to the enterprise.

SavantX’s lineage includes open source intelligence gathering tools for the Defense Intelligence Agency. So, the base technology was an obvious fit to help nuclear power stations swimming in unstructured data locked away in many structured databases quickly find what they needed to safely, efficiently and effectively operate. The development of the SavantX Toolkit to what it is today spans a number of years across numerous successful pilots within a variety of industry applications.


The mission of SavantX is to make data accessible and understandable through quantum computing, smart search, augmented intelligence, and data visualization.


SavantX was founded in 2015 by Ed Heinbockel and David Ostby. Ed and David have been working together building applications to solve real-world problems in business, the FBI, the Department of Defense, and the Intelligence Community since the 1990’s. Precursor technology to SavantX was successfully deployed at the Defense Intelligence Agency for several years. After using vast quantities of nuclear station data to build an optimized Data Analytics Toolkit, patents were filed, and the Company’s core offering is now available through a variety of services.

ED Heinbockel

President and CEO

Ed Heinbockel has over thirty years of hands-on experience in the management of high-tech companies, with a proven record of success in building leading-edge software products in both public and private companies.

A technology iconoclast since the eighties, Ed aspires to build teams around emerging technologies – from producing the first CD and DVD-ROM entertainment titles - to next-gen training simulations for three-letter government agencies and the DoD. Ed notched a successful IPO and is now on his third successful start-up.

Ed was named to Newsweek Magazine’s Century Club of the top “100 people to watch in the next millennium.” He was also named as one of Executive Excellence Magazine’s “Top 100 Thinkers of Our Time.”

Ed holds an engineering degree and an MBA from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. He was awarded several patents as co-inventor in Enterprise Search and Machine Learning. Most recently, co-inventor on several pending Quantum patents.


Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer

David is a prolific inventor, data scientist and software systems designer. He is the driving force behind SavantX's advanced analytics algorithms, including a narrow AI system for enterprise Search, Discovery, and Analysis. These algorithms are unique in the AI field as they require no data curation or training.

David has architected numerous business process modeling and optimization engines over many years. He has been awarded patents and has several pending patents. He is responsible for software design and data analysis methodologies and algorithms at SavantX. Mr. Ostby attended the University of Washington.

Award-Winning Technology

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SavantX is an Innovatech Awards Winner for 2022 – Data Analytics Software in the United States

Innovatech Awards is proud to announce that SavantX has been awarded in its 2022 Awards program. SavantX is the 2022 award winner for Data Analytics Software in the United States.

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Logistics Optimization: Port of Los Angeles Webinar Hosted by D-Wave

The Port of Los Angeles is known as America’s busiest port. In a time where we are facing global supply chain challenges, it’s essential that the Port operates to its maximum capacity with the highest level of efficiency possible. In conjunction with Fenix Marine Services, SavantX developed and deployed new technology using AI and D-Wave’s quantum computer to optimize terminal operations.

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Whitepaper: An Analysis of Efficiency Gains at Pier 300: Port of Los Angeles

Since July 2019, Fenix Marine Services, the operator of Pier 300, has teamed up with SavantX, to improve the efficiency at the terminal. The technology implemented at Pier 300 by SavantX is known as The HONE (Hyper Optimized Nodal Efficiency) Engine, which uses proprietary data science and quantum computing to present real-time optimized solutions for use at the port.

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SavantX is looking for exceptional people to join our team to help make data more accessible and understandable. We are currently searching for driven mathematicians, quantum physicists, innovative software engineers, and bright interns.

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