Higher Dimensional Insight Interpreted for Our Dimension

A Quantum view into your data

HYPERNAV solves the problem of conveying relationship-rich results computed in 6 Dimensions back to our 3 Spatial Dimensions.

Humans are limited to understanding data in 3D; HYPERNAV Bridges Dimensions

HYPERNAV overcomes the inherent impedance problem of understanding relationship-rich results computed in 6D. SavantX PRO’s flag-ship, patent-pending algorithm is HyDRA (Hyper-Dimensional Relationship Analysis). HyDRA plus low dimension advanced analytics render a hyper-dimensional model of the return set terms.  HYPERNAV bridges the dimensional void between 6D and 3D enabling SavantX PRO to render an interactive 3D picture of the return set.  In but seconds you gain a visual understanding of your data and inter-relationships. Then with a few clicks, quickly navigate and disambiguate the return set into related subsets.

HYPERNAV is essentially a single 3D picture of your data so you can rapidly see and understand 6D computed relationships. Said another way, HYPERNAV is a singular model which best represents the totality of results rendered as a term cloud. Important terms are computed in 6D and then displayed in 3D, so you can rapidly understand concepts in your data, and through interaction with this cloud, quickly navigate to results of interest to include 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th party relationships.

SavantX PRO’s philosophy is it has no opinion about the significance of a relationship but reports that there is one. We understand and respect the value of the human’s ability to reason and think critically – ultimately, only you can and should assign value to a relationship.

Gain new understanding

The relationships that are presented in HYPERNAV are rich in visual cues. For instance, computed terms, size of the font, connections, weight of the lines connecting terms, proximity in 3 Space, etc., all conspire to convey relationships in a manner that humans are extremely adept at almost instantly processing and recognizing… the proverbial “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Or in the case of HYPERNAV, a thousand terms are a powerful picture of understanding.

The Human Brain: 6D vs. 3D

Current technology cannot display 6D results directly in our 3 spatial dimensions in which we exist. And even if the technology existed to do so, human brains are not wired to understand 6D results. So, to display 6D results, we intelligently select 6D results and project them in 3D.

A very special control: AI Sensitivity Slider

In HYPERNAV, you direct SavantX PRO to focus attention by clicking on a term or terms of interest, then by moving the slider, new terms will appear. These terms are closely related in 6D to the term or terms selected.

Why is this important?

Savant PRO knows that these 6D terms have important relationships even though they are likely not closely related in our dimension. These terms often reveal 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th party relationships. Military and Law Enforcement analysts think of this as an automated, higher dimensional link analysis feature.

FlatNAV and HYPERNAV are two views into your data. We encourage you to feed SavantX PRO all possible data, and ‘go wide’ on initial searches. And thus empower you to frictionlessly guide SavantX PRO technology to actionable results… always keeping the human in the loop!

HYPERNAV solves the problem of conveying relationship-rich results computed in 6 Dimensions back to our 3 Spatial Dimensions.

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