The SavantX HONE engine is a field-proven technology to decrease the cost and time to transport cargo and optimize the utilization of assets. Advanced Analytics, AI and pioneering Quantum Computing techniques combine to provide a powerful solution.

The SavantX HONE (Hyper-Optimized Nodal Efficiency) engine applies cutting edge optimization and quantum fielded technology. Its foundation is based on four phases. During the first phase, a digital twin is produced for current operations and then validated with the client. The second phase entails running an extensive search of possible improvement strategies using robotic variation of simulation assumptions, plus brainstorming ideas from the client/SMEs. Phase three is conducted in close association with the client to assess the cost of implementing all, some, or a mixture of discovered improvement strategies, with the outcome being a set of evidence-based recommendations. Some potential recommended changes would be organizational, workflow, process, physical layout, software system additions and/or modifications; some recommendations may  be implemented by the client. Software system additions and/or modifications can be implemented within the HONE engine. Phase four may involve application of advanced analytics, AI and/or Quantum computing techniques to improve cargo transport efficiencies.  

HONE enables the operations teams to dynamically control how and when work gets done at the facility.

Port of LA outcomes after implementation of the HONE Engine:

  • Coordinated Gate and Yard Innovation
  • Improved data quality, transparency, and scheduling of work enables optimized traffic flow at the lowest cost possible
  • Quantum computing enabling predictive cargo availability & VIP Services products
  • Appointments enabling fully automated In-Gate (AIG) transactions
  • Trucker Staging via API & mobile app
  • Improve Yard Turn Times by 30%
  • 2x increase in RTG productivity 
  • >$10m annual savings potential for large terminals


SavantX is one of the first organizations in the world to leverage the enormous power of quantum computing to solve commercial applications with significant cost savings and efficiency gains.

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