A Search Engine for Your Own Data

Say goodbye to your table of contents. SEEKER is a revolutionary discovery tool for your personal and professional files. Search through thousands of local documents, inspect targeted items and phrases, and gather the most relevant and accurate information in a matter of minutes.

What Makes SEEKER Unique?

Find the right information when you need it. Get ready to experience the search and discovery of your data like never before. SEEKER enables robust analytics from YOUR files/ documents in this easy-to-use consumer-grade search engine. 

Enjoy a data-driven search experience that encourages informed discovery through the ability to extract actionable insights from thousands of pages of pdf, Docx, RTF, txt, JSON files. 

Search results display passages of interest with highlighted search text, helping users quickly evaluate the relevance of passages and documents without needing to directly access the raw document. Visual Insights into the data allow you to find meaning and context within the data while providing a navigable view into the data. 

  • User-friendly consumer-grade search. No training needed, and you don’t have to be a data scientist or analyst to understand the data (although if you are one of these, you will think this is pretty cool).
  • Interact with search results through visual exploration
  • Analyze data in a matter of minutes, not hours, days, or weeks.   
  • One solution that will transform the way you see data – find actionable insights, save money, reduce time spent, and derive meaningful value from the data.  


SEEKER will help you to build a solid knowledge foundation of any material and allow you to easily navigate your research journey and enjoy all of the tools and resources you need to make an impact with your research.

Search + Discovery

SavantX brings the consumer search experience to the enterprise by making virtually all data searchable with ease. Going further even misspellings and abbreviations are learned and presented PLUS significant results with “different words, same meaning” that you would have otherwise missed, and more.  

Machine Learning

SavantX’s Machine Learning is unique: Automated algorithms help SavantX continuously educate itself without ANY humans-in-the-loop. Vast volumes of nasty, unstructured data notched to SavantX’s algorithms perform across virtually all data formats and human-readable languages. 

No humans to train the system. No humans to keep the system current and accurate. Yet, still keeping the human-in-the-loop.  

  • No opinion of the significance of the relationship – completely unbiased search results. Humans assign the meaning of the relationship.  
  • World-class machine learning transforms data. 
  • Enjoy the seamless combination of man and machine. 
  • SavantX machine learning technologies are novel in the industry. 
  • Unsupervised machine intelligence rapidly returns previously undiscoverable results.


There’s no need to read through pages and pages of documents to gather the information you need.

Just type, click and discover.

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